Why Live In South Georgia

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If you are thinking about moving, be it down the street to a new neighborhood; or even to another state, did you ever consider moving to South Georgia? Georgia is more than its well-known title as the “Peach State,” it is also a great place to live. Georgia is one of the most affordable states to live in among North Carolina and Texas’ average cost of living. Living in South Georgia has its many perks apart from its warm summers and not-so-cold winters. Here are just a few things to list:

  • Near the beaches of Florida
  • Job market growth
  • Job opportunities
  • Renting in GA is the most affordable according to the US average
  • Warmer winters than most states
  • Affordable average cost of living

Have you considered all of these when picking your next destination?

If you have not gotten around to it, it is perfectly okay! But, even for these reasons alone, South Georgia is the ideal place to call your new home and maybe even start your new career. South Georgia is surrounded by a community of change-making businesses and minutes away from the Florida beaches and the amusement parks of Disney World and Wild Adventures. To say the least, if you are looking for both business and leisure, South Georgia is the place to be.

When it comes to money, which is something that most of us, if not all, consider when deciding to relocate somewhere new. Questions like, can I afford this; or how much will it cost are reasonable questions to ask. To answer this question, consider that South Georgia is among the most affordable places to live where small and large businesses alike contribute to Georgia’s successful economy. Consider also that when it comes to buying a house, you will find that South Georgia realtors are among the cheapest in the market.

Explore the many reasons to live in South Georgia with an American Dream Agent to discover your new home right here in South Georgia. We have tools to help you start your search today on our website including the select favorites tool, where you can save all your favorite homes all in one place to help simplify your search. We have a mortgage calculator where you can discover what you can afford. And we also have maps available where you can see exactly where your future home is located, to find more about your location, community, and job opportunities that are close by.

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