All About MLS

man sharing information about homeIf you are currently working with a real estate agent, whether you are selling or looking to buy a home, you might have heard or come across the term “MLS” at some point in the process. Simply put, MLS stands for Multiple Listings Service or Multiple Listing System. It is a local database that has all your home searching needs all in one place. Within this system, you can view the properties that are for sale, pending, or sold. 

When it comes to finding homes for sale, MLS is the ideal tool to use. Not only does MLS make finding your dream home for sale simple, but also it allows you to see all the great possibilities that are out there. 

MLS Can Help You See the Big Picture

When starting your home search, you might have or will, at some point, run across a few homes that have caught your eye as you have driven around your area. Those may be great choices, but have you considered that you might be limiting yourself? With MLS, the opportunities are endless. MLS has access to most, if not all, the homes in your area at the touch of a button. In addition to that, real estate agents receive MLS alerts with the latest information on open houses, homes recently put on sale, and more. 

MLS Has Up to Date Information

When it comes to the housing market, homes sell quickly. Stay in the loop with MLS. With the help of your realtor, you can stay up to date on the status of the homes you are interested in buying, provided that your realtor has access to MLS information and alerts. With MLS, you can make sure that you get the chance to buy the home of your dreams before someone else takes it right from under you.

MLS Opens the Doors to Opportunity for Sellers

For those who are selling, MLS has its advantages for sellers as well. Listing your home or property on MLS opens the door to opportunities.  With the help of MLS, buyers from all over can access your listing, making your chances of selling much higher than if you were selling it yourself. 

Whether you are looking to sell or buy a home in the Georgia or Florida area, The American Dream is here to help make every step simple. Our listings come directly from MLS, giving you the latest information on the homes for sale in your area. Contact one of our agents today to find the homes of your dreams!

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