The Importance of Home Staging

sell your home fast with home stagingWhen it comes to selling a home, the goal is to attract buyers. If buyers are not attracted to your home, this could turn into a pretty big problem for you. The longer your house sits on the market, the more its value drops. To avoid the unfortunate situation of putting your life on hold and losing money, let’s go over why you should consider staging your home for a quick and profitable sale.

If you are into house flipping TV shows where they turn a home into a masterpiece over a few weeks or days, then you will enjoy this part of the home selling process. In those types of shows, the trick to turning a home into a masterpiece is all in the staging, of course after all the hard work of remodeling is done. Once completed with staging and remodeling, those homes usually sell for top dollar, and here’s how:

Home Staging Increases Home Value

Home staging not only attracts buyers but also increases home value. According to the Housing and Urban Development report, a well-staged home sells 17% higher than an un-staged home.

Home Staging Sells Homes Faster

Staged homes sell faster within an average of 31 days on the market compared to homes that go un-staged. Un-staged homes are usually left on the market for about 160 days or more, meaning that the home value decreases over time.

Time is Money

Homes that sit on the market for a long time tend to drop in value. Homes sold after four weeks drop 6% in value. Not being able to sell your home can put the rest of your life on hold. To avoid this, consider staging your home to sell faster and make more profit.

As you have read, staging a home comes with many benefits. If you are unsure about what you need to do to stage your home for a fast and profitable sale, reach out to a realtor for help. Realtors know all about what it takes to sell a home. Do not let an un-staged home put your life on hold.  The American Dream wants to help you sell your home so that you can get back to living your American Dream. Make selling your home simple with an American Dream Agent today.

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