Attract Buyers with an Upgraded Curb Appeal

curb appeal

Even though the weather outside is frightful, curb appeal still matters to buyers. It is likely that as a seller that you too are looking for your new South Georgia or North Florida home, as you prepare to transition out of your current home. To successfully sell your home, it is recommended that you prepare with your buyers in mind. With your buyers in mind, you will be able to make your home appealing and attractive to potential buyers.

 From your own home buying experience, the first thing you see when viewing a home is the outside; this includes the front yard, the front entrance, the roofing, and other things of the sort, also known as curb appeal. When a home’s curb appeal is left untouched, with an unkempt yard and overgrown bushes, homebuyers tend to leave a viewing before they even get inside. Don’t be on the losing side of what could be a good deal. Keep up with your home’s curb appeal to draw in the buyers so that you can make that sale!

What can be done in the winter?

Well, just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you should let your curb appeal go to waste. It is true that in the winter season plants are not really growing as fast as they would in the spring and summer months. Plants at this time rather much look bare or scarce, however, as trees lose their leaves and limbs, there is always something to keep up when it comes to the yard. 

Things that you can do

  • Spruce up your curb appeal by picking up fallen branches and sticks.
  •  Rake the yard 
  • Trim and shape your winter shrubs and evergreen trees.

Pay Attention to the Small Things

Apart from every other season where there normally would be a large wow factor of colorful plants and the smell and look of freshly cut grass, the winter season does not bring many eye-catching sensations to home buyers. That is why the little things matter because if you don’t catch them, your buyers will. Since everything in the winter is bare, it is easier to see things that would otherwise not be seen, such as perhaps your gutters clogged with leaves. When you prepare your home with your buyers in mind, it will be easy to catch the deal-breaking trouble spots that could turn buyers away.

Things you can do

  • Clear clogged gutters 
  • Upgrade your mailbox with new address numbers or a total makeover

Last but not least, the front entryway

Getting buyers to this point is a pivotal moment in the home selling process. Create a warm and welcoming environment for your home with lighting and decor to make your buyer feel at home. 

Things you can do

  • Tidy up your entryway with decor, plants that add a pop of color, lights, or an inviting welcome mat.


After you have done the hard work of upgrading your home’s curb appeal, your home will be hard for buyers to miss and resist! The American Dream works to keep selling and buying a home simple. If you happen to need assistance with selling your home or finding your new South Georgia or North Florida home, reach out to one of our agents. Our agents know all about the home selling process and can assist you every step of the way so that you can get back to living your American Dream. 

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