Spring Staging Tips to Succeed in The Spring Housing Market

spring home for saleIf you are putting your home on the housing market this spring, you need to put your best foot forward. This is the peak season for homebuyers to find their dream home. So why not use the season to your advantage to wow them at the door? 

To get your home spring-ready, for the many showings your home will have to many promising buyers, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

Start With Spring Cleaning

Before you start the decorating portion of staging your home, it is important to start with a clean slate. Begin with a deep clean that includes decluttering, scrubbing floors, and cleaning windows to help you match the fresh spring air with a freshly cleaned house. 

Decorate With Simplicity

To wow your potential buyers, it is easy to assume that you need to pack your home with fancy and unique items to catch their eye. In the housing market, we like to say that “less is more.” The trick is to pick and choose decor or furniture that highlights aspects of your home that help buyers imagine what it would be like to live in that home as they walk through. 

For example, instead of hanging large and bright colored wall art or spring wreaths on doors that can easily distract buyers, remove them altogether to keep taste-specific buyers from losing interest in your home because of the decor. 

Color Swap

The dark and cozy shades of winter are out, and neutrals, whites, and patterns are in! Swapping with the season keeps the home fresh and seasonal. With neutrals, whites, and geometric patterns, your home can feel instantly bigger, which is a huge plus for home buyers. 

Swap out the dark living room throw pillows and blankets to change it from dull to lively. Use soft, colorful pillows to add a touch of liveliness and white curtains to catch the shimmering sunlight that will expand the room. For other rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, go with white towels and washcloths to continue the clean and soft look throughout the home.

Bring Spring Indoors

 Incorporate a vase of fresh spring flowers in your home decor or a bowl of eye-catching yellow lemons, or green apples to add a tasteful spring aroma and a touch of color.

Get your home ready for showings with these spring staging tips! The American Dream is all about helping sellers get one step closer to living their American dream in their next dream home. For more information about how to prepare your home for this spring’s housing market, contact one of our agents. 

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