The Seller’s Market: The Ideal Time to Sell Your House

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If you want to sell your house and get the most profit from a sale, there is no better time than during the housing market’s peak selling season! This moment in the housing market is no other than the seller’s market. Given the name, it is where sellers like yourself can sell their homes in a fast and profitable way.


What Is a Seller’s Market?

A seller’s market is when the demand for homes for sale exceeds the supply of available homes on the market. With this imbalance, homebuyers compete for homes with many compelling offers to achieve their new dream home. Because of this friendly competition, sellers like yourself can be sure that buyers are serious and are not interested in wasting any time.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Presentation Affects Price

Although some homebuyers may be willing to buy your home as-is, you still should be mindful of how your home is presented to buyers. Keeping your home clean and presentable not only will increase the number of serious offers but can also increase the price of your home. 

Everything That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Although the offers you receive are very compelling, do not accept the highest offer without doing your research first. Accepting an offer from an unqualified buyer can lead to the deal falling through. This unfortunate event can lower the selling price when you put your home back on the market as sellers now negotiate the price by using the fall though as leverage.

The Fewer Contingencies, The Better

Some offers that you receive may include appraisal and inspection contingencies that enable the buyer to back out of a contract more easily. For a smooth transaction, it is ideal to accept offers with the fewest contingencies possible. 

Your RealtorⓇ Is There To Help You Succeed

Whether you need help with the paperwork or putting your home on the market, your RealtorⓇ will guide you through every step of the selling process to ensure your success. 

Need a RealtorⓇ? The American Dream has a team of expert real estate agents that want to help you succeed. To get started, contact your local agent today!

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