All About The Final Walk-Through Before Closing

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What Is a Final Walk-through?

The final walk-through of a home is one of the many important steps in the home buying process that ensures that you are purchasing your new home in the same or better condition than when you first put in your offer. Between putting in an offer and closing, a lot can happen. So, it is ideal to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape before you seal the deal. 

Who Attends the Walk Through Before Closing?

In most cases, it will be just you and your real estate agent that will attend the final walk-through. Ideally, by this time, your seller has already moved out of the home, clearing it of moving boxes and furniture however, this may not always be the case.

In the case that your seller has not yet moved out of the home before closing day, your seller and their agent might also want to attend the final walk-through. Also, depending on the situation, the home inspector may join in to ensure that the requested repairs have been completed correctly.

Why Is This Important?

The final walk-through is an opportunity to make sure that you are buying a home in its best condition before purchasing. In the case that you find something wrong before you sign on closing day, there is a chance for you to negotiate with your seller to resolve those issues.

You can trust that our team of agents at The American Dream is skilled in helping you achieve the home of your dreams from start to finish. For more information about the different aspects of the home buying process, contact your local agent! 

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