New Construction or Existing Home- Which is Best for You?

buying a houseNew things are always exciting! Apart from new cars, phones, and more, new homes spark a level of excitement that cannot be compared. While some of us are drawn to new construction homes with shiny and modern appliances, others are more interested in the vintage charm an existing home has to offer. Despite each home’s touch of charm, they each have their own advantages that make them just what you need. 

The Advantages of New Construction Homes

  • Customization

If personalization is a must for you, new construction homes provide the flexibility you need to turn your house into a home. With new construction, you can customize your home with hand-picked upgrades and features, including walk-in closets, energy-efficient amenities, finishes, and more. 

  • More Time Enjoying Your Home

Buying a new construction home benefits you with more time spent enjoying your home instead of taking care of repairs. With a new construction home, you get to enjoy your home for a while before there is a need for repairs; however, hiccups do happen.

  • Energy Efficiency

Along with all the new features your new construction home is bound to have, you can take advantage of the modern energy-efficient HVAC systems for electrical and plumbing to cut the cost of your utility bills. 

The Advantages of Existing Homes

  • Affordability 

Existing homes tend to be less expensive than new construction homes. So if you are hoping to save money when buying a house, you should consider buying an existing home and adding upgrades later to fit your financial needs.

  • Upgrade Ability

Existing homes may not be as customizable as a new construction home, but there is still room for improvement; when it comes to remodeling or taking on other projects. Upgrade your space and your home value with remodeling projects that fit your needs and wants.

  • Availability 

If you are short on time and have to move fast, buying an existing home may be the way to go. New construction homes tend to take a bit more time to complete than the home buying process of an existing home. 

Despite your taste in aesthetics, each home has its advantages that may be just what you need. Whether you are looking for a new construction home or an existing home, it is important to consult a RealtorⓇ to help you make the best decision based on your specific needs and lifestyle. 

 The American Dream is all about helping you achieve the home of your dreams. Contact one of our agents to find out which type of home is best for you.

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