Energy Efficient Ways to Save This Summer

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If you know anything about living in the south, you know it can get pretty hot during the summer months. The summer heat here is famously known to run up any home’s utility expenses as homeowners try to create a comfortable environment for themselves and their families. To help you stay cool this summer, here is a list of energy-efficient ways to cut the costs of your electricity bill this summer

Energy-Efficient Ways to Save

Tip 1: Only Use the Air Conditioner When You Need It

 Turning your Air Conditioner off when you are sleeping or even adjusting the temperature before you leave could lead to huge savings on your energy bill. For ideal savings adjust your thermostat no lower than 78 degrees when you are away or sleeping to save up to 8% on energy.

Tip 2:  Use Drapes and Blinds to Block the Sun

Window treatments and coverings do not just only make your home look nice, but they also help block out the sun. Cool your home down by 45% with the use of blinds or by adding extra sun protection with drapes or curtains to block an additional 33% of the sun.

Tip 3: Switch to ENERGY STAR appliances

ENERGY STAR appliances are known for their energy efficiency. You could save at least 15% on your energy bill with the help of an ENERGY STAR air conditioner compared to non-certified models. Learn more about how you could save money this summer with an ENERGY STAR appliance at

Tip 4: Clean Your Air Conditioning Vents and Units

Regular maintenance of air conditioner vents and units will help keep your air conditioner running more efficiently with clean air. Clogged and dirty filters block your air conditioner from putting out its maximum amount of air, causing your air conditioner to do more work than it has to in order to cool down your home. Maximize your air conditioner’s effort by regularly replacing and cleaning dirty and clogged filters to save up to 15% of your air conditioner’s energy consumption.

Enjoy your home this summer with energy-efficient ways to save money on your electricity bill. The American Dream is all about helping individuals and families enjoy every moment of homeownership. Learn more about how we can help you find and enjoy the home of your dreams with an agent today!

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